Friday, 18 January 2008

Tokaido Karate Suits

Tokaido are the world leaders in karate suits. These karate suits are the highest quality suits available. They come in a range of different weights and all the Tokaido karate suits are WKF approved. The best karate suit available is the custom made Tokaido karate suit. All you have to do is give Tokaido your sizings and they make the suit to measure. The karate suit is hand made exactly to your specification. These suits are only available to Sensei’s who are 3rd Dan or above due to their popularity. However this karate suit is fairly expensive but is worth the money.

Another karate suit from Tokaido is the new Tokaido NST. It is an ultra lightweight karate suit. It is one of the best quality karate suits on the market. It combines quality with comfort and is ideal for both dojo training and competition karate.

The Tokaido karate suits are available in Japanese cut and European cut allowing the best possible fit for people of all body sizes.

Although Tokaido karate suits are some of the most expensive available but they are also the most comfortable and are the highest quality karate suits on the market. They are definitely worth the money.

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